#CutsHaveConsequences – Not Just A Slogan

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  1. Jeff Piper says:

    The Tories introduced austerity and began cutting everything. They will not listen to the experts about anything (the badger cull is a good example). The only conclusion I can come to is that they are intent on destroying the current system we have for NHS, Police, Ambulance, Fire Services, the Armed Forces, the Civil Service etc. and privatising it all. They seek to shackle the unions. They have introduced draconian cuts to welfare and people are dying as a result. People are being made homeless because they can’t afford their homes anymore. People are living in fear.
    Who benefits? Their rich friends and other countries.
    The privatised utilities and transport are nearly all owned by foreign companies and in some cases the state owned companies of those countries.
    I worry that by 2020 too much damage will have been caused and we will be back to a time when the people can no longer afford the basics. When they can’t afford to seek medical help. When they live in fear of what will happen next. When their human rights have been trodden into the ground.

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