Critical Mass

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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Could not agree more.
    I know we tend to harp on about what’s going on with the Police Service but you are right to point out we are not the only ones affected and many others in public service and the armed forces have had devastating cuts imposed on them.
    I would have thought that we are already past the point (Critical Mass) were the UK is functioning effectively.
    The very people who have brought this about will sit back and castigate all the hard working and dedicated people who in desperation are trying to keep the UK’s head above water.
    The bankers and financial whizz kids will still get paid their preposterous salaries and bonuses.
    These are the same people who caused a worldwide economic crash, have committed frauds, colluded to fix bank rates, miss sold services, over charged for services and in general mislead us all to generate profits for them selves.
    If this sort of malpractice was committed by anyone else (with the exception of politicians) they would be arrested, charged and prosecuted.
    Our politicians get a large pay rise, increase their expenses claims, get an overly generous pension (whilst diminishing other people’s) actually make false expense claims which anywhere outside of parliament is called fraud and would face prosecution.
    This we are all in it together wears a little thin.
    I thinks it is not just pigs who are being F****d.

  1. September 25, 2015

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