Controversial?  Me? Maybe Just This Once

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  1. Prior to the Coalition Government taking office, the Conservative Party Conference was held in Birmingham. I went to a policing sub meeting chaired by Nick Herbert, who was then the Shadow Policing Minister (who was a founder of Policy Exchange and a mate of Blair Gibbs). At that meeting, NH introduced the Tory proposal for PCC’s to an audience of county councillors and media for their reaction. The strongest concern was that it would become a political tool. NH vehemently denied it, saying that whilst councillors would be able to stand, independents would have as much of a say. What utter bulls**t that comment turned out to be.
    It is has been absolutely clear from the start that it was all about political influence and Ms May’s endorsements above finally hammer the point home.
    Policing should NEVER have political influence. Party politics have no place in modern policing and the PCC’s are yet another means of implementing their strategies on a local level. I for one will not vote for them. They are yet another Quango with layers of unnecessary cost, performing a totally invisible, useless and expensive function.
    Employ Police Chiefs with morals and conviction to serve within financial limits. Oh bugger, I’ve just realised what total fantasy that last sentence reads!
    Finally, the job is well and truly f****d.
    So glad I’m retired, I feel for the poor sods holding the last pieces together. Last one out turn off the lights.
    Steve B

  2. Soontobegone says:

    Comments from one local PCC.
    “If they don’t like it they can always leave”. (True words)
    ” They have had it good for too long and it’s about time they were brought into line” (similar to words used)
    You may guess the political allegence of this PCC. I’m surprised he didn’t throw in the Pleb word.

    I didn’t vote last time. I do not agree with the PCC situation at all. However l may just vote, tactically this time round, as l think lots more will do, just to help get rid of one bad egg. As l believe is my right to do. To vote independently how l wish.

    Basically l don’t care who is PCC as long as it is not him.

    Sour grapes? YOU BET!

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