Challenge and change: Police Identity, Morale and Goodwill in an Age of Austerity.

I begin by thanking @Peter_Kirkham for the inspiration for today’s blog.  I have no idea where he dug it up from but he found and circulated a scientifically based academic document entitled Challenge and change:
Police Identity, Morale and Goodwill in an Age of Austerity.

As far as I am concerned and aware It is the intellectual property of Dr James Hoggett of the University of the West of England in Bristol, so just for once I will refrain from quoting wholesale from it but I would seriously encourage you all to read it, just click on the link above.

Most importantly it is an INDEPENDENT assessment of the current state of play across all 43 Police Forces.

Almost as important is the methodology of the sampling used, just over 13,500 Police Officers between Police Constable and Chief Inspector have submitted their views in reply to the questionnaire, which is FAR more scientific and representative than any sampling conducted by a certain Mr Tom Winsor.

This has resulted in a lengthy report (some 170 pages) but if you haven’t got the time for all of that PLEASE please please read the Executive Summary, that’s only 3 pages.

Stick Boy is sadly absent but even I can get the gist of what’s being said from the Exec Summary.

Not comfortable reading for HMG, so you may never read this report again. Please take the time to read and possibly disseminate this report.

Finally, if I have done the wrong thing in any way by highlighting this report I do apologise, my intentions were honourable.

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  1. The executive summary should make very sobering reading for DisMay and her cohorts, but you know they will dismiss it and say that all is well. The figure of 11.9% who would make the same career decision to become a police officer if they had the chance to start again is shocking, but a damning indictment on those in government and ACPO who have undermined frontline officers for far too long.

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