The Police Are The Public

And The Public Are The Police.

Except that is in danger of ceasing to be true.

The Peelian Principle that has been enshrined in Policing since 1829 is in danger of being cast aside by our illustrious Home Secretary.

It has long been mooted that the scale of cuts being recklessly  imposed upon Policing by Call Me Dave and Mrs May is simply not sustainable.  Panic ye not, salvation is at hand.

Sara Thornton, head of National Police Chiefs Council has the answer apparently.

In order to avoid putting too much stress on our already over-worked Police Officers (NOT sarcasm) they simply won’t pitch up to crimes such as vehicle crime and some burglaries.  

Not turning up to a burglary (and other serious crimes) is quite simply inconceivable.

It seems that there has been a concession by some, if not all, of the Chiefs, that the Police simply cannot continue to do their job efficiently in face of the past and future cuts, so a solution has been put forward that will surely drive a wedge between the Police and the Public.

Not turning up at burglaries is guaranteed to make the Police unpopular.

Is this the latest chapter of the government’s determination to turn the Public against the Police with NPCC being a willing catalyst?

It certainly seems that way to me.

The answer is surely quite simple, the Police MUST have sufficient resources available to carry out their various functions efficiently.

There are billions of pounds available for foreign aid.

The government wastes millions, if not billions, of of pounds and nobody bats an eyelid.

There MUST be funding available to reverse the criminally reckless cuts, the truth is that it doesn’t suit Dave and Cruella’s purpose to use it.

Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain are some of the weakest economies in Europe.  Do you see them decimating their Police Services?  No, they need them more than ever.

It’s all based on lies.

Tell me I’m wrong Dave, Theresa,

Will you take the challenge?