This Country Has Gone Mad

No wonder the NHS is short of money.

Last night Mrs Angry was talking to a member of her family who works in the NHS at a large hospital in one of our cities.

Said relative has unexpectedly resigned her (highly responsible) post with effect from the end of this month.

Why?  I hear you ask.

Because instead of helping to heal seriously sick patients she has become inundated with patients from  “Abroad” who have come here on “holiday” and suddenly been taken ill with a medical problem they have clearly been suffering from for many years.

For some reason, quite unclear to all of us, the NHS has accepted these patients for treatment without requiring them to pay for their treatment, thus radically reducing the already depleted resources available to the residents of that city.

Then it gets worse.  After a few appointments said foreign patient now announces that his/her family are arriving from whichever country it is, and “you must organise housing for me and my family”.

Presumably, because NHS staff possess good humanitarian values, they then get themselves bogged down liaising with the Local Authority to arrange suitable housing for the foreign patient and his/her family.

I might be a crusty old gig, but this seems wrong to me on so many levels.

When I was unfortunate enough to need to take my daughter to. French hospital A&E whilst on holiday we had to pay.

When I lived in France we had to pay for our Healthcare and, normally, claim it back from our Health Insurance company.  Neither as a holidaymaker, nor as a resident, could I pitch up at a French hospital, get free treatment and housing arranged for my family.  Neither, incidentally, was I ever offered any leaflets or information in any language other than French.  If I couldn’t understand it, it was my responsibility to get it translated into English at my own expense, nothing was ever printed in 39 different languages, but we seem to spend a fortune on it.

It seems to an old duffer like me that the NHS (and others) like the Police Service needs to concentrate on those things that are their responsibility and NOT what is somebody else’s job.  It sounds a tad harsh maybe, we’re used to the Police and others being almost like a One Stop Shop, but the government has made clear that that culture has to end, it is not sustainable.

Rant over, enjoy your weekend

The BBC Is Spinning The News AGAIN

I am sorry folks, I don’t normally write about Immigration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, but today has proved to be an exception, you can blame the BBC for that.

During an item on this morning’s Breakfast News programme Nagger Monchetti (sorry, have no idea how to spell it) was covering a news item about immigrants at Calais hiding in lorries, and other acts, in their attempts to reach a ‘safe’ country in order to seek Asylum.

Well, I’m sorry Auntie Beeb, but France IS a ‘safe’ country.

There is a convention that Asylum Seekers should claim Asylum in the first ‘safe’ country they enter, although this does not seem to be enshrined in statute.  Where those Asylum Seekers reside whilst their application is being considered is up to the member States of the EU to resolve, but it seems that even if an Asylum Seeker has entered the UK illegally, once they make their claim (if they ever do, and do not just stay here as Illegal Immigrants) then they become ‘Legal’ with the right to remain here (or wherever they are housed) until their claim has been resolved.

Whilst I have sympathy for them and the conditions they are fleeing, rules is rules, and the French traditionally don’t like rules.  Why are these Asylum Seekers not being processed in France (or Italy) and housed wherever the EU agrees whilst their claim is considered?  Instead we get the Mayor of Calais and other French politicians demanding that the UK does more about the situation in Calais and that we should provide more material assistance.  They certainly don’t need our TSG they’ve got their own CRS.

The Immigration system clearly needs to be shaken up and, dare I say, REFORMED, but in the meantime why not stick to the prevailing rules?

More importantly I do not need to be made to feel guilty by the likes of Nagger Manchetti because these immigrants are ‘only trying to reach a safe country’, they’re already in one, if they bring themselves to notice in France let them claim Asylum in France.

Maybe the answer has more to do with the fact that France is not as ‘soft’ as the UK.