A Little Bit Of Hypocrisy Here?

I hear there has been a report published by HMICFRS that is very critical of Greater Manchester Police’s Crime Recording record and the service they have provided to public in general and victims.

My immediate reaction to that is that there more than a little hypocrisy and arrogance involved there.

It is a matter of (controversial) public record that the Tories under Camoron and Cruella set about a series of swingeing cuts to the Police Service under the guise of Austerity.

When the Tories came to power in May 2010 Greater Manchester Police had a total of 8,148 Police Officers, 3,927 Police Staff and 842 PCSOs. Fast Forward to March 2020 and they had 6.866 Police Officers, 3,524 Police Staff and 560 PCSOs.

During this period Tom Winsor undertook a controversial review of the Police Services and published several recommendations, the majority of which were implemented by the then Home Secretary Theresa May. In recognition of his fine work Tom Winsor became SIR Tom Winsor and was appointed as Chief Inspector, Her Majetsy’s Inspectorate of Constabulary.

This is the very same organisation that has published the document referenced above, being critical of the performance of GMP in various functions.

MY VERY PERSONAL take on this is that it smacks very much of hypocrisy when you look back at the history of what has happened in the last 10 and a bit years.

Not once have HMRC/HMRCFRS stood up against government and opposed the cuts. Who is their head honcho? Tom Winsor who was instrumental in much of this carnage,

HMRCFRS really ought to remember what they are called. HER MAJESTY’S INSPECTORATE OF CONSTABULARY. Not the government’s Inspectorate, not Theresa May’s Inspectorate, not David Camoron’s Inspectorate, not even Priti Patel or Boris Johnson’s Inspectorate, but HER MAJESTY’S.

As such they really ought to keep out of politics, criticise and improve the Police when it is appropriate and stand up to the government cuts when that is appropriate. Her Majesty is supposedly independent when it comes to politics. Well so should any Inspectorate that bears her title in their name. They represent Her Maj, but are actually carrying out Theresa May’s bidding through the side door (not quite out of sight).

First It Was Athena………..

……………Now we have iOPS

Don’t worry, I’m not going to bore you with a rehash of everything good about the wonder that is Athena.  Hot on the heels of Athena Greater Manchester Police have the wondrous iOPS system.  From reports I’m hearing it’s every bit as good as Athena.

I don’t think that I can sing its praises any better than the Manchester Evening News has in it’s piece subtly entitled 

The astonishing testimony of police whistleblowers who claim the new GMP computer system is so unusable that people will die unless it’s fixed

Multiple whistleblowers have allegedly contacted the Manchester Evening News complaining about the shortcomings of GMP’s £27 Million computer system iOPS.  Designed by Capita, the Force’s Integrated Police Operating System has been beset with problems from the outset, many so serious that officers fear that lives may well be lost if it is not sorted soon.  Whilst the Chief Constable, Ian Hopkins, has fiercely defended the system, many officers and support staff including SNT Officers, Detectives and Middle Ranking Officers have complained that it is basically unusable.

Problems range from inability to log on and inability to access information about crimes on their ‘patch’ depriving them of vital intelligence when they go out on patrol.  The officers were/are so worried about it that a Group was set up on Facebook called iFlops, ad a humourous post on the Force’s own internal Bulletin Board just said

“This is like groundhog day, achieving the square root of nothing.

Is it home time yet?”

In less than a week iFlops gained over 1,500 members but the Group has now been ‘frozen’.

I urge you to read the full Newspaper article (link above) it contains far, far more info and examples than I have used. One thing is for certain though, following on the heels of Athena, the Police Service does not need another dud. “Designed by Capita….?” Is this another startling success for a previous Home Secretary’s outsourcing policy? Most of those have been abject failures so far.

Anyone brave enough to supply examples of iOPS’ iFlops please feel free to use the Comments section below, anonymously of course, and I’m quite happy to give them an audience if that is your desire.