Bloody Civvies

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Over the years seen so many of our civilian family been cast aside.
    We lost our canteen staff, cleaners, Section House staff and so many in our admin/support that did so much to make to make the Police such a great family to be a part of.
    They all contributed to the efficiency and effective service that the Police provided to the public.
    We are very much the lesser without them.

  2. Rosstradamus says:

    Good analysis. Trouble is, The Establishment, which includes all Parties…. and the Masons who encompass (?) all Parties, let alone Common Purpose ( google Common Purpose scam) all combine to divert everyday attention from reality. You, of all people, will know the sinister grip of Masonry. Some Masons are OK….. others are irrevocably gripped….. way beyond the bonhomie and everyday play of local contacts and good works. That dark path has controlled many a Police outcome…. along with Coroners, Courts and numerous cover-ups. I am ex-Army, I defend The Thin Blue Line …….. please recognise that ranking coppers are looking for a Gong, Knighthood, Outrageous Pension and a station in life for the submissive her indoors. Too harsh?

    • retiredandangry says:

      I am aware of the existence of Freemasons within the Met, can’t speak about other Forces though. 😂😂

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