Benches Of Green, Empty They Are

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  1. 72joiner says:

    Members of Parliament are possibly the highest paid part time unskilled unqualified workers in the UK. They, and their supporters in the media consistently compare their salaries with Doctors, Head Teachers, Police Superintendents and other similar professions. Being a politician or an MP is not by any definition a profession, no more than is being a server at a fast food outlet.
    At the least to be a professional one requires training or qualifications in ones field. To be an MP requires no training or qualifications, and as exampled by many cases, not a great deal of knowledge either.
    It is evidenced that being an MP is a part time occupation by the large numbers of them who have many lucrative outside interests which must take up a considerable part of their time.
    Perhaps it would be more appropriate to fix their salaries in line with other unskilled workers on 0 hour contracts.
    The argument that you have to pay high salaries to get quality people is so obviously false, and evidenced by the number of highly motivated experienced and effective people working in low paid jobs, nurses, police officers paramedics are obvious examples. Also the reverse is evidenced by the small number of thieving, unprincipled unethical people in the highest paying jobs, banking and insurance come straight to mind.
    The standard of ethics required to be in Parliament is lamentably poor. The continual cry by MP’s to justify their unethical behaviour is, “It was within the rules”, they seem to fail to notice that ethics are standards which do not and/or should not need rules.
    The Police service has always had an expected standard of ethics, which extends beyond just specific rules, the code of conduct has always in one form or another had an offence of bringing the service into disrepute. If this was applied to MP’s, how many would be left?

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