Are You Retired?

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  1. ideb8 says:

    Is the NHS safe in Tory hands? Is the fire service safe in Tory hands? Are the police safe in Tory hands? Surely their pensions are safe in Tory hands..?

    Are lies safe in Tory hands?

    Well, at least something is then..

    “The Government has consistently committed to protecting accrued rights built up under present pension arrangements”

  2. Jim Thomson says:

    Yes, the Federation statement IS true, and also applies to Scotland. I contacted the Feds as a recently retired (Nov 2006) member of the JCC and was told they had taken it as far as they could (to assist those on the 30+ scheme) and would not revisit the issue. Thanks for bugger all!

  3. William.Corkindale says:

    Retired police officer in Scotland Aug 2006 then 18 months 30 plus scheme that was introduced to keep us on

  1. February 15, 2015

    […] It's not necessary to be Angry also. Were you a Police Officer or Firefighter? Did you retire between 1998 and 2007? If the answer to the previous 2 questions is NO, you might as well stop reading …  […]

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