And the Melton Mowbray For 2014 Is Awarded To……The Met

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  1. ideb8 says:

    Wonderful piece.

    “..stop the lying, stop avoiding the questions you really don’t want to answer and rebuild the honest and ethical way. Every time Bernard the Ostrich denies the obvious, or claims to have no knowledge..”

    Yes, vindictiveness & vengeance. From this clearly discernible response to the whistleblower evidence and its consequences, BHH the ‘bluff Yorkshireman’ is seen as only feeling challenged by a subordinate and thwarted and humiliated.

    Challenged – by a subordinate the Met thought it had suppressed.

    Thwarted – once the enforced silencing was bypassed at the select committee hearing.

    Humiliated – once crime figures were downgraded by UKSA & the validity of performance related bonuses undermined.

    These feelings may be natural, if not inevitable, for someone atop a still hierarchical organisation.

    But should vindictiveness & vengeance be allowed free reign to influence and undermine a rational response to revelations admitted by so many to be true?

    While the NHS is being told to encourage whistleblowers for the sake of the nation’s health, the MPS is being shown how not to, for the sake of the boss’s feelings, maintaining his ‘fiefdom of fear’.

    Anyone with the temerity to challenge the views of the Met top brass becomes another downgraded figure.

    Anyone venturing to express opinions which challenge the consensus formed by the top brass is seen very quickly to rub them up the wrong way, has their social media account peremptorily suspended and/or becomes isolated, sidelined and excluded – like some disposable brass rubbing.

    If the single word ‘Vindictive’ keeps going round in heads much longer and the Met can’t be rid of it soon, the example of vengeance set by its top brass will have consumed middle management, with vindictiveness so widely adopted by staff that only a saint could halt its further spread.

    [At that stage, a mid-staff enquiry by St Francis will need to be established, into (police) Stations of the (very) Cross – as last resorts,,]

    When will the police service be told to encourage whistleblowers for the sake of the nation’s security?

    If the quality of care offered by NHS hospitals has been inappropriately compared via HSMRs (Hospital Standardised Mortality Ratios), why doesn’t Tom Winsor emulate Prof Brian Jarman by comparing crime victim welfare via MMSAs (Melton Mowbray Standardised Awards)..?

  2. ideb8 says:

    Re Plebgate –

    “Well hopefully the full truth will come out during the Libel actions. I do not..believe that we have heard the full, true, account of what happened from Mr Mitchell..”

    Please join in Sunday praise of yet another much-maligned honest Cop:

    The Mail On Sunday, tomorrow 26th Apr ’14

    “PC Rowland says he wrote down Mr Mitchell’s ‘f****** plebs’ alleged comment in his notebook 90 minutes after the event and immediately emailed it to senior officers.

    PC Rowland says: ‘Initially [Mitchell] did not allege [Rowland] had lied. In fact he apologised [to Rowland] privately by phone not long after the incident.

    Mr Mitchell phoned him to say sorry afterwards ‘with the clear implication he admitted using the said words’ – but later repeatedly lied about it to try to save his career.

    Rowland also says:
    He had nothing to do with any plot to ‘stitch up’ Mr Mitchell.

    Mr Mitchell launched a ‘wholly gratuitous attack’ on him accusing him of ‘dishonesty and corruption’ to deflect attention from a law chiefs’ ruling that the PC says rejected Mr Mitchell’s version of events”

  1. March 28, 2014

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