An Open Letter To @PoliceChiefs

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4 Responses

  1. Daniel Hughes says:

    Excellent piece! As a young man, wishing to apply to the police within the next year or so, I am getting increasingly concerned at the workload and lack of support for officers due to the austerity implemented by the current and previous Tory governments. My desire to join the force has not been quelled due to current circumstances, for I would not be suitable in the job if it was, but I am feeling rather depressed about the current situation and wish that I was somewhat more ignorant to the Crisis in Policing before submitting my application. Thank you for speaking up, and please do not stop until policing becomes sustainable once again.

    • retiredandangry says:

      Thank you Daniel, much appreciated. Fortunately my 30 years service are now behind me and I, along with others, are free to speak out where serving officers are muzzled. We will continue to do so. Good luck with your future career, I wish you all the best. I felt it was a brilliant job and I truly hope that it can be once again.

  2. frances says:

    An outstanding letter. Do Police Chiefs have any conscience, though? I’ve never been in the Police, but have noticed changes that don’t bode well. Resonating with one of your previous articles, our local station has been converted into flats. I miss “the bobby on the beat” – they lived locally, knew everybody – and you could chat to them. Then they disappeared. All institutions are being affected by the same malaise.
    Thanks for your informative posts.

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