An Englishman’s Home Is His Castle

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  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    All very true Alan.
    After the Brixton Riots “if I remember rightly” Lord Scarman made a similar statement about officers from an ethnic background should live and work in their communities.
    This was completely against the wishes of these officers and yet again goes against basic human rights of both the officers and that of their families.
    Surprise surprise all this comes at a cost!
    If you want officers to live in London then you either have to pay a salary that allows then to afford to buy in London or you have to provide accommodation.
    This is not rocket science!
    They recognised this a years ago!
    It is only in the last 30yrs that short sighted management both political and police started to sell off the accommodation yet again ignoring the rank and file that could foreseen the future problems that would arise!
    If it weren’t true this would be laughable!
    Ultimately this all comes down to successive governments not wanting to pay for Policing or pay as little as possible!
    They have been cutting away at budgets, salaries and working conditions until there is very little left.
    They have ignored the warnings and now the Police are at a point of near collapse.
    I this only the yard work and dedication of police officers that has prevented this so far.
    But they are now so few, they are tired and under resourced and I really do fear what is to come!
    You reap what you sow!
    If you want good Policing it comes at a cost and you do require the good will of the Police officers!

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