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A Whole New Meaning to the Daily Nazi

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This news caught my attention this morning, who on earth does Cameron think he is?

The right to legally challenge government policies will be limited to help bolster the economy, PM David Cameron is expected to say later.

Mr Cameron will tell business leaders this is so “people think twice about time-wasting” to delay developments.

He will call for wartime thinking when “rules were circumvented”.

In a speech to the CBI in London on Monday, Mr Cameron will say the country is in the “economic equivalent of war” and needs the “same spirit.”The prime minister is expected to say the legal right to a judicial review of decisions, including major infrastructure projects, will be scaled back, insisting: “We urgently need to get a grip on this”.

He will draw an analogy with how the country responded to fighting Hitler.

“When this country was at war in the 40s, Whitehall underwent a revolution.

“Normal rules were circumvented. Convention was thrown out. As one historian put it, everything was thrown at ‘the overriding purpose’ of beating Hitler.

“Well, this country is in the economic equivalent of war today – and we need the same spirit. We need to forget about crossing every ‘t’ and dotting every ‘i’ – and we need to throw everything we’ve got at winning in this global race.”

Apart from the fact that his whole approach does not seem very democratic to me, it would be laughable if it was so damn offensive.  We are told that he will draw an analogy with fighting Hitler.  He’s behaving more like Hitler himself himself than those fighting him.  He seems to approve of circumventing rules, isn’t that what the French do?  And if he can’t circumvent the rules the he will change them, viz a viz the pensions scenario.

If Cameron thinks that he is leading a democracy, I need a new dictionary.

via BBC News – PM to crackdown on ‘time-wasting’ appeals.

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1 thought on “A Whole New Meaning to the Daily Nazi”

  1. The only comforting thing from this nonsense is that when the nice Tory voters in the shires have their bijou residences and villages smothered by development by the forces of profit and the fast buck, they might just remember who pulled down the defences against unscrupulous developers – Witney and district first I hope.

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