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  1. julian180748 says:

    Beggars belief, no words to describe my dissapointment.

    Loss of history and visibility to the public.

  2. alexnaismith says:

    Shouldn’t get attached to a building of course but I am saddened by this as I have served at several of them, JW, JL, DS, DR, DM, JN, JH. I see JS is not in list though that must have sold off earlier. Not forgetting several SQ’s not in the list and sold off Married Qrtrs (we bought a Job house at full market value (like fools) in the late ’80’s). There isn’t much left. BTW DS address was 20 & 1/2 Newcourt Street. Some small police stations back in the day had the 1/2 for reasons I cannot remember. 🙂

  3. alexnaismith says:

    Thinking about it deeper, on J the residents in the south of the Borough near Stratford are getting short changed here, now that JL, JW and JS are gone. Unless there has been rebuilding in the time since I left, they are getting policed from Chingford, that is an awful long way away. I suppose it’s only right and proper that the middle classes of JC are catered for first. ;-/

  4. Dave Telford says:

    I seem to remember that the keys to the married quarters were kept in the Station Office. I was Station Officer one day when a very senior officer came to collect some keys. I then found out that there was separate accomodation for them and us. Used to live at the flats in Kingsground, Eltham. Best commute to work ever, just a short walk up the hill to Eltham (RD?).

  5. Keira Cunningham says:

    I recognise that these changes will upset some people because they were places to which they have had happy memories; however I’m struggling to get too worked up about this. The reality is the deficit and the deficit is the reality. The central issue here is when the public pay for policing where does the money go? I met someone from the Taxpayers Alliance who told me “I want the money for policing to go to policing and not to property management!” You may disagree with her but it’s harder not to say that she has a valid point of view.

    The next government of whatever political view will have to keep cuttting the deficit and will do so, in part, by shrinking the cost of public services. In so far as there is a difference between left and right parties – the right of centre parties believe in a small public service as an ideological point of view – the left believe in a larger public service (oft forgotten fact is that the last Labour administration increased public expenditure on the police by 50% in real terms) – and the current administration want to shrink expenditure back to the level of the last Conservative Government under John

    This was the issue that the Police Federation both failed to grasp and failed to address in sucessive Conferences. It will be interesting to see the impact of their own process of reform under Normington and whether they can present a better case.

    NB – you may be about to address this in a blog, but I notice that when the Fed Chairman was before the Select Committee this week. He pointed out that the Federation paid £9m in legal fees in defending the membership last year. He was questioned about Federation support for James Patrick. His response was that, provided Mr Patrick was paying his Federation subscriptions at the time of any alleged incidents he was entitled to Federation support. This appears to be an ongoing issue.

    • Regarding James Patrick, he will make his own decisions and take his own course of action. If he feels that he is due some Federation funding I’m sure he will apply for it in the normal way.

      Regarding the lady from the Taxpayers’ Alliance, I can only agree with her (and possibly yourself) partially. The nature of Policing requires buildings, much more goes on within a Police Station than charging prisoners and much of it is not suitable for a Portacabin in a supermarket car park. We come back to the Reform vs Destruction argument. I can support Rationalisation of the Estate but to sell off too much is plain folly. There are already rumours afoot that the Met’s new HQ is not big enough now that NSY has been sold off.

      Part of the Police’s service to the public requires buildings and accessible ones. Closing Police Stations and Front Counters might produce a few pounds but does nothing to improve the quality of service provided to the Public. Others are entitled to hold an opposing view, but that is mine.

  6. ideb8 says:

    Mirrors & smoke?

    Mirror: the navy have an aircraft carrier with no aircraft & the police have officers with no station

    Smoke: none without a fire & future riots without officers stationed in the vicinity to quell any

    Keira re Fed: rearguard (re)action?
    Home Affairs Committee, Oral evidence: College of Policing, HC 800
    Tuesday 9 December 2014

    Q124 Paul Flynn: Police Constable James Patrick was the whistleblower who wrote a blog, and later a book, exposing the way that crime figures were falsified by the Met police. He has left the police now, but there is a possibility that there might be repercussions as far as his previous conduct was concerned. As he is a former member of the Federation, will the Federation be defending him in any action taken?
    Steve White: If he was a subscribing member at the time of the allegations, then he would be represented and entitled to representation; certainly representation, yes.


  7. Keira Cunningham says:

    Thank you Ideb8 for providing the full quote and links – when Bernard Jenkin MP reported to Parliament on the James Patrick allegations he said that the “most shameful” aspect of the affair was the failure of the Police Federation to support to PC Patrick.

    At the time both Alan and I stated we would like to know the Federation’s reasoning in their apprent failure to give support.

    In that context the statement from Steve White is helpful; the preceding questioning had included the disclosure that the Federation had spent £9 million that year on getting the best legal support to their members. Steve White’s statement that (providing he was subscribing member at the time of the allegations) he would be represented and, in fact, such representation would be his entitlement.

    Not for the first time we are being asked whether we believe the word of a Conservative Member of Parliament or the word of the Police Federation.

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