A Guest Blog – Response Times and Stats

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  1. I have commented before on my views on this subject. They re quite simple, the public should be told the truth, whatever that truth is.

    Monitoring Response Times has a limited value. It isn’t quite the same as making sure the phone is answered within three rings or whatever. Those who make big issues out of Response Times are missing a vital point. Policing is in the blood. It is a job like no other. Having received a call Police Officers do not sit back and say to themselves “I’ve just got to finish choosing the wallpaper for the lounge and I’ll get over there”. WHATEVER it is they are thinking about (if they even have the time to think about anything else) they just GO.

    Monitoring Response Times and the like does nothing other than tell the bean counters whether their targets are being met. It doesn’t assure anyone that the target Response Times are reasonable in the first place. It does put added pressure onto the Response Driver who has already got plenty of pressure just making sure that he doesn’t wipe out a pedestrian or another motorist getting there.

    No incident is so serious that it justifies an accident was the very first thing we were taught at Hendon Driving School, some of our modern senior officers and politicians seem to have forgotten that. How do PCCs influence Response Times?

    So my answer is simple, DO NOT say you’re somewhere when you’re not. Do not lie to the public, they deserve better than that. DO get to every incident, be it Grade 1, 2 or 3 as quickly as you possibly can but get there safely WITHOUT keeping an eye on the time. A true Police Officer doesn’t have to do that, they will just get there as quickly as humanly possible, They are professionals, let them do their job professionally, unhindered and they might just surprise you Mrs May.

    If an officer is performing below par there is a method for dealing with that. DO NOT place unreasonable pressure on our valiant officers who are already having to do more with less. They are trying their very best. No stats should be manipulated (or maybe even measured in the first place) just to make the local Commander look good and contribute towards his/her QPM. Let them get their QPM by serving the great British Public well.

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