The 43 Forces Of England And Wales Are Recruiting

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4 Responses

  1. Gordon Williamson says:

    Alan, this makes me feel sick to my stomach!
    All rank and file officers could see that the cuts would not work.
    Now that they have not and the best police force in the world has be reduced to an unworkable shambles they are proposing to bring in untrained, unskilled and unpaid volunteers who can’t be bound and controlled by discipline and regulations to fill the gap.
    This can’t be the answer and is not the answer to an under funded and under resourced Police.
    The responsibility for this debacle lies with our Politians (not just those in power, but all parties) the press and our Senior Management they have all acquiesed to the destruction of a once proud Police Service.
    This will not work and is destined for a catastrophic failure!
    This will lead to a drastically reduced service, inefficiency, potential loss of life and miscarriages of justice.
    I dispair, what does it take for these people to realise the utter foley of these ill thought out and reckless policies.
    Perhaps the best thing retired officers could do is form a Police milita and enforce the laws of the land.
    They would have the skills, experience and knowledge to act with better judgement than these volunteers.
    In law they would have greater justification to carry out law enforcement duties than these government volunteers.
    I’d put money on it, that they would break the current policing system by bringing in so many arrests, the system as it stands would not be able to cope.
    But that is not the answer! there is no substitute for a well trained and properly resourced Police Service

  2. Soontobegone says:

    I see the media are all over this,..,………….. Maybe not.

    The general attitude of these Tories “a la” Mitchell are plod are just that, plod. Plebs, anyone can do the job.

    Well members of the public. You were mainly quiet and l think some silently believed what the government were saying about the police.

    That said I do know that most folk were looking after their own problems too so understand why they may have been preoccupied and disinterested in someone elses problems.

    Government tactics win again, divide and conquer.

    Now mops may wish they had stood up and voted when they had the chance. 2020 is a long way off and they are not finished.

    Good luck to all. We’ll need it.

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